Salisbury is a progressive, proactive and pro-business city. Already home to a host of international firms and flourishing entrepreneurs, Salisbury is the ideal business location to give your business a competitive advantage.

Industry Sectors
Industry Sectors

The City of Salisbury is South Australia’s major industrial and economic base. This is primarily due to the development and growth of major industry and business clusters Read more

Major Corporate Presence
Major Corporate Presence

World-leading international and iconic Australian brands have established and significantly expanded their operations in the City of Salisbury. Some of the local corporates include … Read more

Commercial & Industrial Land Availability

With the State Government, Salisbury has invested heavily in providing fully-serviced commercial and industrial land. Land allotments of less than 5,000m2 are 60% cheaper on average Read more


Whether your business is a manual processing business or a knowledge intensive business,  Salisbury prides itself on its well-educated and highly skilled workforce with a comprehensive education system Read more

Sustainability That Saves You Money

Salisbury is recognised internationally for its innovative water conservation measures and solutions. These include Australia’s first integrated water management system Read more

Fast-tracked Development & Planning
Development & Planning which supports you

A local government strongly committed to business industry and development, the City of Salisbury is committed to a highly efficient development planning process. The City of Salisbury Read more

Access To Transport Links & Adelaid
Access to Transport Links & Adelaide

Salisbury is a freight hub offering easy connectivity to major road, rail, sea and air freight facilities. Positioned at the centre of Adelaide’s major transport networks, Salisbury offers close proximity … Read more

World Leading Research & Development Institutes
World Leading R&D Institutes

Salisbury’s Industries and community have access to superior R&D facilities, through University of South Australia, local campus. University of South Australia (UniSA) and its campus … Read more

Practical support for business

Council’s Economic Development team, based at the Polaris Business and Innovation Centre, supports economic growth by providing practical advice and information to investors and delivering programs that improve business performance…Read more