A local government strongly committed to business industry and development, the City of Salisbury is committed to a highly efficient development planning process.

The City of Salisbury provides businesses a significant saving in the time and money so you can get down to business. With a well recognised and highly efficient development planning processes, commercial property extensions are generally approved within 14 days, commercial buildings within 21 days, and major projects within three months.

Planning timeline for development and planning applications

Want to compare our Council rates?

With one of the lowest council rates in Adelaide for Industrial and Commercial property the City of Salisbury provides a significant ongoing saving when compared to neighbouring councils.

Download Council Rate comparison for Industrial and Commercial Property.

What you will find is for 2012/13 The City of Salisbury Council Rates is between 58% and 41% less expensive than the City of Playford and City of Charles Sturt respectively. Similarly comparatively locations such as Edinburgh Park and Burton offer 28% more affordable rents for average Prime Rens $/m2 than inner northern areas such as Wingfield and Regency Park (Source: Frank Knight Sept 2011)

The City of Salisbury has a strong relationships with State Government departments for development and planning purposes and is able to facilitate efficient planning processes.

Want to know more?

Contact us for the latest comparison of Adelaide Metropolitan council rates for industrial and commercial property and we will send you a comparison of various councils rates businesses will be charged for various property values. It will show how much money you will save by operating you business in Salisbury.

Download: Investment Prospectus for a comprehensive outline of the investment opportunities in Salisbury.