Our Economic Development Team offer investors and businesses free and confidential services to help you find  the right site to grow and expand your business.

City of Salisbury staff can work closely with you to make your investment decisions as smooth as possible.

9 ways we can maximise your success in Salisbury

Site Selection Support

The City of Salisbury has a range of commercial property options competitively priced and serviced with leading infrastructure and transport networks. Salisbury’s property market is constantly evolving, so having access to the market data is crucial. Our contacts with developers, property agents and government bodies means we are up to date with the latest in project development and city planning.

Free Tour of the City

Want to get a intimate appreciation of industry in Salisbury and where the investment opportunities are? If so, we offer free customised chauffeured tours which are matched to your investment needs. This will help you understand who are the businesses operating in the city, future developments and drivers of growth.  Call (08) 8260 8205 or enquiries@makesgoodbusinesssense.com.au to make a booking. See our Sample Itinerary Investment Tour.

Introductions to Potential Suppliers, Customers & Business Networks

The City of Salisbury can facilitate introductions to potential suppliers, customers and business networks. We have regular contact with over 3,000 businesses in Northern Adelaide. With strong links to private enterprise coupled with contacts at all levels of government, the City of Salisbury has ready made networks which will give you the the right contacts to help you succeed.

Free pre-lodgement advice

Council offers free pre-lodgement and pre-design advice services for specific land sites, future development proposals and preparing development applications.

Efficient and Quick Planning Approvals

The City of Salisbury’s ‘can do’ approach to supporting business investment includes quick development application approval so you can get on with business. The City has a long standing reputation for  its quick and efficient planning process. Our strength in planning is demonstrated by the number of Awards the council has won in recent years. We are here to help you turn your plans into reality.

Research and Development Centres Links and Introductions

Through our relationships with the locally-based University of South Australia and our knowledge of its various Research Institutes and Centres, we can connect you with the experts who can understand your businesses R&D needs. Whether its to solve a problem, or explore an opportunity there is a rich environment of researchers in Salisbury we can link you with.

Direction in Accessing Grants and Alternative Finance

When expanding your business its worth considering what alternative financial options there maybe to aid your growth. Our Economic Development team and our partners can direct you to investigate various sources of financial support including venture capital, private funding and various government programs.

The Australian Government places a premium on world-class innovation and actively promotes research and development. Through a range of innovation centres, tax concessions, science collaboration programs and fellowship schemes, which all provide your business substantial opportunities to invest in R&D. In all cases, companies will need to apply to the relevant government body for the grant or subsidy in question.

Finding Talent

Whether your business is a manual processing business or a knowledge intensive business Adelaide prides itself on its well-educated and highly skilled workforce with a comprehensive education system in place. The City of Salisbury has dedicated staff in workforce development which have an intimate understanding of the local labour market and options to source your labour needs.

In addition to our partnerships with University of South Australia and other education centres we can also assist with the establishment of collaborative partnerships between businesses and education facilities.

Small Business Advice & Assistance

City of Salisbury is not only focused on investment attraction.  The council offers a dedicated  business support facility, the Polaris Business and Innovation Centre to provide business advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and investors seeking to grow their businesses.  We’re here to support economic growth by encouraging innovation and offering practical programs that improve business performance.

For more information see the dedicated website at www.polariscentre.com.au or call us on 8260 8205.

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