The City of Salisbury is South Australia’s major industrial and economic base

This is primarily due to the development and growth of major industry sectors and business clustered in the food processing, defence, logistics, manufacturing and knowledge intensive services. See below the major industry sectors and their profiles.

Food & Beverage Processing

Food Industry Business CaseSalisbury is the home to Adelaide’s Produce Market which is South Australia’s centre for distribution and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables.  An estimated 185,000 tonnes of fresh produce passes through the Adelaide Produce Market each year, with an estimated wholesale value of $600 million.

The Market complex is situated on 22ha, and is located at Pooraka, which is just 20 minutes north of Adelaide CBD with the city providing easy access to rail and road transport this ensures efficient logistics which can be critical in maintaining freshness.

This advantage is demonstrated with a number of national food businesses being based in the region such as Bickford’s Australia, Inghams, Lion (milk processing facility), Obela, Holco, Mitani Products and Coles Distribution Centre. Download: Fact Sheet on investing in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Mining Services & Suppliers

Resource Industry Business CaseSouth Australia is attracting international attention due to the range and quality of resources beneath the State’s surface.The rapid increase of South Australia’s minerals and energy sector has driven the resource services and technology growth in Salisbury. They include such examples as engineering, fabrication, logistics, construction and maintenance.

This industry has strong investment opportunities within South Australia as it is home to one of the world’s biggest copper, gold and uranium mines, Olympic Dam, and also one of Australia’s significant new copper-goldmines at Prominent Hill.

The prospectus for future growth in Mining in South Australia is why companies like KJM Contractors, MTU Detroit Diesel, Liebherr Australia and Osmoflo. Similarly, its why the Ian Wark Research Institute, part of University of South Australia has a strong focus on mineral processing. Download: Fact Sheet on investing in the Resource Industry.


Manufacturing Business CaseNorthern Adelaide has a long-term strength in manufacturing and represents the largest industry in Salisbury. Technical skills base developed from years of success in the automotive, defence and food sectors is providing a sound platform from which new and existing manufacturers are responding to local and global events and moving into resources and cleantech.

As a result, manufacturers in the region develop and produce goods as diverse as water recycling equipment, cars and automotive parts, agricultural equipment, health and medical devices, defence equipment, consumer electronics, building materials and mining supplies.

The range of manufacturers can be demonstrated by the list of the major multinational manufacturers which chose to call City of Salisbury home.

See why beverage manufacture Bickford’s think Salisbury makes good business sense.


Logistics Industry Business CasePositioned at the centre of Adelaide’s major transport networks, Salisbury offers close proximity to the Port of Adelaide and Adelaide Airport. The Adelaide-Darwin rail link passes through the city and the proximity to major highway networks including the Northern Expressway which offer quick access to the Port of Adelaide. This offers unprecedented logistical advantages to the large industrial bases located in the region.

This is demonstrated by the large logistics based businesses based in Salisbury such as the Adelaide Produce Market, Toll, DHL, Linfox, Kimberley Clark and Coles and Woolworths Distribution Centre.

Find out why Rand Refrigeration Logistics choose to invest $35 million in a new distribution centre.

Knowledge Intensive Services

Knowledge Intensive Services Business CaseIn Salisbury knowledge intensive services are at the heart of transforming the existing economic base and creating new opportunities through innovation. With the regions strong track record in defence and aerospace this has complimented a diverse ICT sector which have expanded the focus on a range of areas including, software, ICT services, hardware/electronics, creative industries and telecommunications.

Clusters of these businesses are well demonstrated in the Technology Park precinct which is the home to BAE Systems Australia, Osmoflo, Raython, SAAB Systems, Optus Communications, CSC Australia, Rapier  Electronics, Nova Concepts and Topcon.

In addition this is supported by the University of South Australia’s world leading development programs and Insititues located in Mawson lakes. Download: Fact Sheet on investing in the Knowledge Intensive Services.

Community Services

Community Services Business CaseSalisbury is the place to locate whether you are providing aged care or child care, employment services or disability services, migrant support or any other community service. Located centrally, Salisbury is the ideal location from which to provide services to the rapidly growing northern Adelaide region.

With over 130,000 people population growth is partly driven by new migrants, young families who have been attracted to the area’s affordable housing and strong community networks. A strong range of community services is located at the Salisbury Town Centre, Ingle Farm and Mawson Lakes. Download: fact sheet on investing in Community Services.


Defence technology is now one of the South Australia’s fastest most valuable industries. Many defence businesses have consolidated much of their research, development,

engineering and manufacturing operation in Salisbury. Many choose the City of Salisbury as their location due to proximity to major clients including Defence Science Technology Organisation, which employees 1400 researches, scientists and support staff Edinburgh Park. Additionally the major projects currently being undertaken offer a great deal of attraction to the area.

Major Defence Projects in the area include:

  • Project Sea 4000 – Air Warfare Destroyers: Value $8 billion
  • The relocated 7th Royal Australian Regiment (7Rar Battle Group to Adelaide: Value $100 million economic value to local economy)
  • Collins Class Submarines Through Life Support: Value 25 year, multi-billion dollar contract
  • AP-3C Orion Aircraft Through Life Support: Value $1 billion, multi-year Sustainment Program
  • Customs Civil Aerial Maritime Surveillance: Value $1 billion
  • Naval Industry Hub, Techport Australia: Value $300+ million
  • For more information on these projects see Defence SA

Major defence companies located in Salisbury include SAAB Systems; General Motors Defence Australia; BAE Systems Australia and Raytheon Systems. See why BAE Systems Australia thinks Salisbury makes good business sense.

Water-based Industries

The City of Salisbury is leading the way in storm water harvesting, ground water management and Storage to provide a sustainable low cost water  supply to industries. This culture of innovation is demonstrated by the presence of over 250 companies though the Water Industry Alliance, which includes companies like Osmoflo based at Burton and Windesal at Technology Park, Mawson Lakes.

Being based in the direst state in the driest inhabited continent, the industry clusters have a strength in providing creative and competitive solutions which is built on a culture of innovation and world class know how.

Learn more about City of Salisbury’s the Water Industry Advantages and Reclaimed Recycled Water.

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