Bolt-on system to air-conditioner systems slashes power usage

IP Hybrid HVACSaving money and environment was the game at a local products launch at Para Hills last Thursday showcasing innovative products that can dramatically reduce power bills, while boosting their green credentials at the same time.

One of these products was the IP Hybrid HVAC fits to existing air-conditioner systems, boosting energy efficiency by up to 40% and slashing carbon emissions by a third. The product will be sold in South Australia by the Accumulus Energy Group. Owner and Founder Anup Reghaven said the technology’s simplicity makes it a genuine game-changer.

“It’s basically a car radiator, but for air-conditioners. It uses a by-product – water – to increase the efficiency,” he said.

The technology has been recognised at some of the most prestigious engineering and innovation awards in Australia, including the Nasscom Australia Innovation Award, which it won in 2013.

Other feature products at the launch included ThemoShield a thermal insulating coating for roofs which can reduce temperatures up to 45% and Solenergy showcasing their partnership with Solar Edge one of the main providers of the new Tesla Solar Battery Solutions.

With mercury rising this summer and with power bills for ever increasing appling energy efficient technologies can be fastest and most cost effective way to reduce costs in your business.