$65m expansion of Liebherr-Australia’s Para Hills office to create 100 jobs

Liebherr-Australia has been featured in AdelaideNow for creating more than 100 jobs in the next five years through a planned $65 million expansion of Para Hills mining manufacturing firm Liebherr-Australia in areas such as warehousing, distribution, mechanical and electrical trades, administrative and clerical.

The company has lodged plans for a $65 million expansion of its Willi Liebherr Drive head office with Salisbury Council.

The development will include a three-storey office, workshops, a warehouse, a component plant and a distribution centre. Liebherr-Australia will also provide equipment and support services to the mining and construction industries.

Managing director, Greg Graham said the company was looking to expand following “Considerable success” in mining sales.

 “We believe we can source the people we need from within Adelaide and our experience with the people who already work within us at Para Hills has always been positive.”

If approved, work is expected to start on the development at the end of the year and be finished in 18 months.