Boeing opens SA Headquarters in Mawson Lakes

P-8A_Poseidon-Edinburgh ParksGlobal aerospace giant Boeing has opened its first South Australian office in Technology Park, Mawson Lakes. This provides a strong indication that key international primes have confidence in the state’s defence sector.
The Minister for Defence Industries Martin Hamilton-Smith attended the opening of the new Boeing office – in Technology Park at Mawson Lakes today – alongside Boeing Defence Australia’s vice president and managing director, Mr Kim Gillis.

“Boeing is setting up in Adelaide to prepare for the arrival of eight Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft at the RAAF Edinburgh Base,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“The first P-8A is due to fly into Edinburgh in early 2017. Their arrival will cement South Australia’s position as the nation’s centre of airborne maritime surveillance capability.

“These aircraft have been designed to undertake broad-area intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions around the world.

“A militarised version of the proven commercial 737 passenger aircraft, the P-8A will carry complex and sensitive sensors, communications system and weapons, including torpedoes and missiles.

“Boeing has established its Adelaide office to ensure flight and maintenance crews are ready to work in and on the P-8A aircraft,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“While they are starting small, the Boeing-led P-8A Training team will grow over the coming years as activity on the base ramps up.

“Boeing also supports the Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft’s electronic warfare systems as well as the communications systems on the Collins Class submarines, from Adelaide.

At Technology Park, Boeing can keep abreast of the defence-related activity across northern Adelaide – a region that continues to provide a very large proportion of the defence industry activity in Australia. Boeing joins othe major defence companies at Technology Park, Mawson Lakes such as Lockheed Martin, Kongsberg Protech Systems, Saab Technologies Australia, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Australia and Codan who is in the process of relocating their Headquarters to the Park.

Defence plays an important pillar of the state’s economy, employing 27,000 South Australians (direct and indirect) and contributing about $2 billion to our economy each year.