Hardi launches world’s largest sprayer

HardiHARDI Australia, a crop spraying machinery manufacturer, has launched newest sprayer which has become the largest in the word with the ability to spray up to 1000ha a day which was featured on AdelaideNow. Called the RUBICON the 9000 litre self-propelled sprayer provides a new benchmark for the agriculture industry which will ideal for Australia’s broad acre farming.

Based on a 10ha site at Cavan in northern Adelaide, Hardi produces hundreds of specialised products annually.

This development of this sprayer is expected to springboard rapid growth and employment of more people with the manufacturing and fabrication of the sprayers.

The developed of the new spray has been part of a broader collaboration with Hardi’s French Based companies.

To see more about the Rubicon 9000 and to see it operating visit http://www.hardi.com.au/au/rubicon