Jumbo Vision awarded $1 million grant to open up exports in Europe and USA

CADWALK- Jumbo VisionJumbo Vision awarded $1 million commercialisation grant from the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme to open CADwalk Centers of Excellence in Europe and the US.

Space-critical room design for high-value assets like control rooms, has traditionally been a long-winded saga of meetings, design reviews and scale modeling. Australian company Jumbo Vision, long-time pioneers in integrating audiovisual, IT and VR technologies into turnkey technical rooms, is set to change all that.

Their 200 sqm CADwalk visualisation experience breaks down the barriers between idea and implementation by allowing stakeholders to physically walk through a life-sized virtual projection of their control room as it takes shape. This unique “holodeck”-like approach results in a much faster journey from concept to construction – typically shaving months from the usual process, according to Jumbo Vision.

Jumbo Vision currently operates a CADwalk in Adelaide, to service the domestic market and is poised to open a second Australian CADwalk in Perth, servicing the Asia Pacific region by the end of November.

As an innovative leap forward in commercial room design, CADwalk was recently supported by the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, which awarded Jumbo Vision $1 million in matching grant funds to support their global expansion through the establishment of CADwalk Centres of Excellence in both Europe and North America.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative at the firm level under the Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda. Using Advisers and Facilitators drawn from industry, the primary focus is on providing access to the best advice and networks to improve competitiveness and productivity.

CADwalk has already been put through its paces in trial projects from both sides of the Tasman. Organizations that have benefited from the technology include Air Services Australia, Major Oil and Gas and Mining Companies, CSIRO, AGL, South East Water, Unison NZ and Transpower NZ.  As part of their expansion plans, Jumbo Vision will look beyond control rooms to other space-critical environments, such as data centers, shops and warehouses, offices, lean manufacturing, and even kitchen design.

In establishing CADwalk as a standalone business, Jumbo Vision will recruit an experienced business executive, to oversee its global expansion says Tom Shopland, “We have first mover advantage with this unique product, so having the funding for rapid expansion into key markets is significantly important.”

The successful grant application was the culmination of a four month project by the CADwalk team, said Mr Shopland, and included invaluable collaboration with the University of South Australia.

More information is available at the CADwalk website: http://cadwalk.com.au/

For further enquiries please contact:

Tom Shopland
Technology Coordinator, Jumbo Vision International
08 9353 6200