Nova Systems expands to UK

Exercise Kakadu10Edinburgh Parks based Nova Systems has established operations in the United Kingdom.

The firm specialises in defence work and believes Nova’s strengths would give it a competitive edge in the UK.

“Nova will be an agile company focused on delivering on best for capability – that’s bang for buck,” according to Nova’s inaugural UK chief Stephen Camporeale.

“It will have the correct balance between quality, cost and schedule.”

Mr Camporeale is overseeing a new office established in London near the UK’s Ministry of Defence headquarters and a Nova Systems-owned aerospace design business in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

“We bought the aerospace design company to support design work in Australia so that our design work here was recognised in Europe,” Mr Camporeale said. He believed that Nova was the first significant-sized defence company to launch operations in the UK since the signing of the Australia-UK Defence and Security Co-operation Treaty earlier this year.

“There have been defence companies come to Australia, but not a significant-sized company going the other way.”

The full report can be found in AdelaideNow.