R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams continues global expansion with growing sales

salisbury-makes-good-business-sense-rmwilliams2R.M. Williams is planning to expand its operations in Australia and overseas after posting a year of solid sales growth as featured in AdelaideNow.

Retail sales grew 6.9 per cent and the company benefited from being awarded the Australian Army parade boot contract for five years from August 2013.

It’s understood the now owned European company European company LVMH, better known as Louis Vuitton have bolstered its sales and marketing expertise.

This is lends well for its manufacturing operation at Salisbury South where it’s understood management is committed to keeping current levels of manufacturing in Australia while supplementing it with overseas product.

“The Australian manufactured product continues to be complemented by an increase in overseas manufactured product and thus offers our customers choice in product range and price whilst maintaining the traditional quality of an R.M. Williams product,’’ the French-owned company said.

“R.M. Williams … has continued to expand its retail stores in Australia by opening four new stores and eight concession stores within Myer retail stores,’’ the company said.

“Planning and development was also undertaken regarding further expansion into Europe.

“This incorporated further development of brand and product with the appointment of additional specialist services and consultants in the areas of creative agencies, product development/design and merchandising and additional representative agencies.’’

In its report the company said it would continue to expand its retail and wholesale presence in Australia and “strategic overseas countries’’.

It would also continue “sourcing of superior raw materials and finished product from around the world’’ and develop “new products and product ranges’’.

Here’s why R.M. Williams like doing business in Salisbury.