Salisbury is recognised internationally for its innovative water conservation measures and solutions.

A Progressive Approach to Sustainability

Salisbury is internationally acclaimed for its pioneering approach to water and biodiversity management and through its extensive wetland network, making it the logical choice foSalisbury re-uses stormwaterr organisations with an environmentally sustainable approach to doing business. With 30% of Salisbury’s water needs being met through recycled water, local businesses can also achieve significant cost savings.

The City of Salisbury is widely renowned for best practice in water conservation and management. Salisbury’s innovative water solutions include development of Australia’s first truly integrated water management via flood control, wetland systems and aquifers through to filtration and reticulation, stormwater harvesting, reclaimed water scheme and water commercialisation.

23-50% Lower priced water per litre than mains water*

*As of 1st July 2014 Salisbury’s bulk supply of recycled water was $1.65/kL, 50% cheaper than SA Water’s Tier 2 mains price. Salisbury’s retail prices are 23% cheaper at $2.55/kL

Need Water: Treated Stormwater at much cheaper rates

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is the process of injecting water into a suitable underground aquifer for storage and later reuse, and it can be a means of artificially recharging depleted underground water supplies.

Opportunities exist to use ASR to transform traditional water management and distribution policies and to provide cost-effective and innovative alternatives to current methods of water supply for irrigation and industry.

Companies with high water dependency for their operations can access treated stormwater at much cheaper rates than mains water, thereby helping their viability and capacity to employ local people.

Michell Australia, the nation’s largest wool processing company, benefits directly from Salisbury’s stormwater harvesting expertise.

Waste Management: Waste not, want not!

The City of Salisbury is a member council of the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA), which has commissioned leading edge equipment, policies and processes to deliver total waste management from the kerbside to recycling, baling and environmentally responsible disposal. Recently, NAWMA began operating a world-class waste baling plant at Elizabeth West to compact domestic and commercial waste.

In the past financial year alone, NAWMA processed more than 30,000 tonnes of recyclables. Since 1995, the amount of waste NAWMA has diverted from landfill has increased from 10 per cent to almost 40 per cent.

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