On The Run provides platform for Bickford’s to launch new products

Bickford's at Salisbury South

Bickford’s at Salisbury South

As reported in AdelaideNow,  On The Run is South Australia’s largest private employer in SA – with more than 2400 direct employees at its 130-plus stores – the 24/7 outlet is also a platform for local companies to launch products.

Salisbury-based drink company Bickford’s has had a strong relationship with OTR’s Shahin family for more than 20 years. It has successfully launched several products via OTR, the most recent being its Chiahh range of drinks.

In 2014, the two combined to create a stand-alone section, complete with dedicated SA branding, that promoted locally made beverages that went beyond Bickford’s range.

Golden North who also has the headquarters in City of Salisbury has also benefited with the launch of their soft serve ice cream.

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