R.M. Williams: Manufacturing

R.M.Williams – The Bush Outfitter, has been proudly outfitting the people of Australia for over 75 years.

R.M.Williams manufactures footwear, apparel and accessories for men and women incorporating seasonal ranges, Big Men’s, Longhorn, Stockyard, and Colts and Fillies for children. 100% Australian owned, R.M.Williams has expanded across the globe with over 40 stores in Australia, New Zealand, London and New York, more than 900 stockist locations worldwide and exporting to over 15 countries globally.

R.M.Williams’ Adelaide office and manufacturing plant has been based in Salisbury for over 30 years. We have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Salisbury council, and have found them very supportive of our business and a pleasure to work with.

The easily accessible labour force, makes Salisbury an excellent environment for doing business in, in conjunction with convenient freight access, particularly with respect to the port and access to the north of the state. It is also beneficial to be operating close to a group of quality manufacturers in the area, who uphold similar values to R.M.Williams.

The majority of our manufacturing staff, who underpin our current operations and our expected future growth, also live in the area. The R.M.Williams team appreciate the professional convenience of living in Salisbury and enjoy living the lifestyle Salisbury provides them.

For R.M.Williams’ Australian manufacturing requirements Salisbury is a great fit. R.M.Williams looks forward to continuing our relationship with Salisbury Council and the Salisbury community for many years to come ”.

Geoff Thiel
Chief Operating Officer