Salisbury’s Industries and community have access to superior R&D facilities, through University of South Australia, local campus.

University of South Australia (UniSA) and its campus at Mawson Lakes has developed a reputation as a dynamic, vibrant and connected research organisation committed to producing high quality research outputs relevant to real-world situations. With a strong focus on excellent, multidisciplinary and collaborative research, UniSA offers businesses extensive synergies when undertaking research and development initiatives.

UniSA has 8 Research Institutes, 13 Research Centres and a range of committed research groups and individuals undertaking world-leading research into a range of areas including:

  • materials science and mineral processing
  • wireless communications
  • social sustainability
  • health and biomedical studies
  • marketing science
  • sustainable systems and technologies
  • defence and complex systems engineering; and
  • advanced manufacturing

UniSA’s Mawson Lakes Campus is home to 5 Research Institutes the:

Ian Wark Research Institute

Ian Wark Research Institute (The WarkTM) is a blend of fundamental and applied research offering benefits to a wide range of industries. They are recognised for their ability to explore new realms and to create knowledge, and then turn those ideas into effective industrial outcomes. Research in the Institute embraces bio and polymer interfaces, colloids and nanostructures, materials and environmental surface science and minerals processing.

Additionally some of their research work is aimed at improving existing processes in industry whilst other efforts lead to new technologies. Their facilities include a A$30M leading edge facility for the analysis and characterisation of colloids and interfaces, a mini-pilot plant for minerals processing and a micro fluidics facility.

Some of the Institutes major clients and collaborations include Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Xstrata, Visicocorp Australia and pSivida.

Institute for Telecommunications Research

Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) continues to be Australia’s most significant university research groups in the area of wireless telecommunications. ITR is an internationally recognised research organisation, specialising in research and technology development for wireless communications, including both fixed, mobile, satellite and terrestrial based applications. ITR conducts its research in three main areas: satellite communications, high speed data communications and flexible networks.

Major facilities at the Mawson lakes campus include Advance Prototyping Laboratory, Mobile Ad-hoc Networking Laboratory and satellite ground station facilities. Some of the Institutes major clients and collaborations include Satellite Services BV (Netherlands), Cisco, Australian Defence and Spot Imaging Services.

Defence and Systems Institute

Defence and Systems Institute (DASI) is Australia’s largest provider of research and education in systems engineering and information assurance with a defence orientation. At DASI they have experts who you can work with in the intricacies and nuances of defence and defence procurement across the full life cycle, from concept through development to integrated logistics support.

Highly regarded in the Asia-Pacific region DASI is committed to supporting industries technical capabilities, providing trained personnel to meet expanding needs, assist businesses to operate more effectively, and provide input to defence thinking and policy development. Some of their research laboratory features four Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Vertical Takeoff, Landing Unmanned Arial Vehicles, Combat mission system and network of interconnected workstations to support teaching and research in real-time.

Some of their major clients and collaborations include Defence Science and Technology Organisation, BAE Systems Australia, Saab Systems and ASC.

Institute for Sustainable Systems and Technologies

Institute for Sustainable Systems and Technologies (ISST) develops integrated practical solution to complex problems of sustainable development. Core areas of focus include Energy, Water, Agriculture, Transport and Land Use, and Natural Built Environments. Their global relationships extend to 20 countries across the world and committed to sharing knowledge between academia, business, government and the community.

Some of their Institutes major clients and collaborations include South Australian Government, Horwood Bagshaw, TMG Rail Technology and Stanford University (US).

Mawson Institute

The Mawson Institute through enquiry and investigation, contribute to the future of manufacturing in South Australia. By developing frontier technologies or adding functionally to existing ones, the Institute provides a foundation for South Australia manufactures to successfully face the challenges presented by an increasing competitive global market, both today and in the future.

With state-of-the-art laboratories, the facilities support the innovation cycle from concept to creation. Core research concentrations of this institute include Surface Engineering Technologies; Nanomanufactuing; and Visualisation and Virtual Design.

Some of the Institutes major clients and collaborations include Visiocorp, GM Holden, Australian Water Quality Research Centre and Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology (AutoCRC).

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